Past Exhibitions

surrey art fair March 2019

Contemporary ART FAIRS Surrey, 16 – 17 March 2019

Form & Fantasy, April 2018



Fountain Gallery, 2018

Chelsea Art Society, 2018


Visually Literate, Menier Gallery, 2018

Layout 1

Sandownd SCAF, 2018

Stables Water, Water Everywhere, January – April 2018

The Society of Women Artists, The


Mall Galleries, 2018

Richmond Art Society, 2018

Kingston Artists’ Open Studios, 2017

KAOS Poster 2016

Cambridge / Edinburgh Art Fair Jim Woodman, 2017

Chelsea Art Fair with John Iddon Fine Art, 2017

Fitzrovia Gallery, 2017

Visually Literate eInvite

Light – Clay – Colour, Fountain Gallery, 2017


Summer Show “Journeys”, Fountain Gallery, 2017


Fusion, 2017


Henley Royal Regatta, June – July 2017

Menier Gallery, 2017

ElementsOfLove Emailer-3


Moving Art Elmbridge, 2017

Flyer Elmbridge Moving Art final_Page_1

Richmond Art Society, Parkshot, 2017

RAS eInvite 2017 (1)

Richmond Art Society,

Summer Exhibition landmark Art Centre, 2017

RAS E-Invite V1

Reflecting Artistic Legacy, 2017


Best In Borough, 2016

Darling Magazine


Chelsea Art Society, 2016

The Chelsea Art Society 69th Annual Open Exhibition 16-20 June

Fountain Gallery Christmas Exhibition, 2016

Fountain Gallery Path& Rhythm, May – June, 2016

Henley Royal Regatta, 2016

John Iddon, 2016


Kingston Artists’ Open Studios / Fusion, 2016

FusionArts-Open-Studios-2016Adobe Photoshop PDF

Best In The Borough,

Kingston Independent Network of Creatives, 2016

Invitation to Private View BOTB

Unleashed @ The Lightbox, Woking, 2016

Invite 3

Richmond Art Society Landmark, May 2016

RAS Landmark invite 2016.jpg

Richmond Art Society, Winter Exhibition, Vestry House

Stables Gallery, Kingston Artists’ Open Studios, 2016

Wimbledon Art Studios, November 2015

November invite

Richmond Art Society, Winter Exhibition, Landmark Art Centre, 2015

Fountain Gallery, November – December 2015


Love Kingston Art Show, 2015

P1090928Love Kingston art show 1

Fusion Open Studios, 2015

2015 Fusion open


Kingston Artists’ Open Studios Selfie CASS, 2015

selfie invite-2

Chelsea Art Society, 2015

Henley Royal Regatta, 2015

Orleans House Octagon, 2015

Fountain Gallery, Christmas, 2014

Fountain Christmas

Wimbledon Art Studios, November 2014


Wimbledon Art Studios, May 2014


White Lodge, 2014

Kingston Artists’ Open Studios, 2014

Henley Royal Regatta Stewards’ Enclosure Gallery, 2014

Fountain Gallery, May 2014


Surrey Artists’ Open Studios, 2014


Wimbledon Art Studios, November 2013


Wimbledon Art Studios, May 2013


Prince & Pilgrim, 2013

Market Place. Kingston, 2013


Kingston Artists’ Open Studios, 2013


Henley Royal Regatta, 2013

Chelsea Art Society, 2013

Orleans House, 2013


Hampton Court

London Fashion Week, 2013

Hand painted seagulls on silk

Wimbledon Art Studios, November 2012

Rowers III (unfinished)

Wimbledon Art Studios, May 2012

Sunny day on Thames

Wimbledon Art Studios, November 2011

Blog workwall

Wimbledon Art Studios, May 2011

Hare Styling, 2011

Taking part in the exhibition/auction “Hare Styling” by Hare Styling for rising money to fund two new operating theatres at the  Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Solo Exhibitions

2002 National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2001 Ukrsotsbank, Podol Branch (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 “Portrait. Landscape.” National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 The Administration of President of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 Museum of National Heritage of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 Travelling. Central Exhibition Hall of National Commonwealth of Artists of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1999 Magdeburg city library (Germany, Magdeburg)

1999 CCA “Soviart”. Business Centre “Europe” (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1999 “Farewell with summer”. Gala Gallery (Germany, Magdeburg)

1999 Permanent exhibit Heritage – gallery (Philippines, Megamall, Manila)

1998 “New Impressions”. Je Souffle-Gallery, Ajala Centre (Philippines, Makati, Metro-Manila)

1998 “Expressions”. The Westin Philippine Plaza – Gallery CCP (Philippines, Malate, Metro-Manila)

1996 “A glimpse of sky birds”. “Slavutich” Cultural Center (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1993 “Kyiv” gallery (Ukraine, Kyiv)

Selected Group Exhibitions

2014 Riverside Gallery. Old Town Hall, Richmond, UK

2013 Market House. Market Place, Kingston Upon Thames, UK

2013 Coach Gallery. Kew, London, UK

2013 66th Annual Open Exhibition. Chelsea Art Society, London, UK

2013 Royal Henley Regatta Art Gallery, Henley On Thames, UK

2013 The Royal Ballet School Museum. White Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey, UK

2013 Orleans House. Twickenham, UK

2013 Orange Tree Theatre, Attenborough Gallery. Richmond, UK

Since 2011 Regularly participating in the Wimbledon Open Studios events.

2002 80-th Anniversary of NAFAA. Exhibition of Lecturers and Students of NAFAA (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2002 Contemporary Ukrainian Arts. Manege (Russia, Moscow)

2002 Exhibition of Ukrainian Woman Artists. “Lavra” Municipal Gallery (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2001 The Triennial of Fine Arts. National Commonwealth of Artists of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 Exhibition of works of Ukrainian artists in memoriam of Sergey Zhivotkov. Art-center, Kostiol’na st., 8 (Ukraine, Kyiv)

2000 Magdeburg through perception of the foreign artists. Gala Gallery (Germany, Magdeburg)

1998 The Triennial of Fine Arts. National Commonwealth of Artists of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1998 “Tessellation of Creation”. “Lavra” Municipal Gallery (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1998 III International Art-festival. Palace of Arts “The Ukrainian House” (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1998 Opening of Gala Gallery (Germany, Magdeburg)

1998 Auction UNICEF, Gallery Ziud (Germany, Magdeburg)

1998 Auction to help artist Petro Antyp, Villa Teophaniya (Germany, Magdeburg)

1998 Exhibition of garzones of professor V.G. Puzir’kov. NAFAA (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1997 “Baron de Coubertin. State University of Physical Education and Sport (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1997 “CNAPEN” Gallery (Germany, Magdeburg)

1997 Auction radio MDR, UNICEF (Germany, Magdeburg)

1997 Volks Bank, Bicoma (Germany, Magdeburg)

1997 “Famous Ukrainian Women Painters – 95”. “Lavra” Municipal Gallery (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1997 “Contemporary Ukrainian Art”. “Bat’kivschyna” Gallery (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1995 “Famous Ukrainian Women Painters – 95”. Palace of Arts “The Ukrainian House” (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1994 “Tvorchestvo” center. Exhibition “Painters for the City”. T.G. Shevchenko’s National museum (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1992 Charity exhibition of instructors of Ukrainian National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. (USA, Minneapolis)

1992 500 anniversary of Ukrainian Cossacks. Ukrainian National Fine Arts museum. (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1991 Republican art exhibition. Commonwealth of Artists of Ukraine (Ukraine, Kyiv)

1991 “Tvorchestvo” center. Exhibition of Ukrainian artists (Germany, Munich)

1988 XXII Pan-Soviet Union exhibition of diploma works of Fine Arts academies’ students of USSR (Byelorussia, Minsk)