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by Jane Hamilton, The Sun

From Kiev to Kingston as top former Eastern block artist searches for the Borough’s most inspirational people to paint their portrait

ONE of the former Eastern block’s top artists is searching for ordinary people who make Kingston amazing, to paint their picture and celebrate the Borough’s diversity.

North Kingston-based Nataliya Zozulya is one of the Ukraine’s most renowned artists and was an Assistant Professor at the prestigious National Academy of Art in Kiev.

But after moving to the area to bring up her young son, the portrait painter hopes to secure funding for the paintings to celebrate her new home.

Mum-of-two Nataliya, who is trained in fine art, architecture, graphic design and history of art, wants to find the Borough’s unsung heroes who make life here so unique.

Nataliya explained: “Kingston is unmatched in London and probably in the world. It’s the perfect blend of city and country – but at the same time offers opportunities for people from every kind of background. I find it a fascinating and richly rewarding place to live, and I want to find and celebrate those people who make it so special.”

The artist hopes to paint a series of oil portraits of the people she finds to be exhibited around the borough at a later date.

Busy Nataliya will also be hosting a new show exhibiting her works including outstanding local landscapes and powerful pictures of rowers on the Thames, an area in which she specialises.

A member of local group Kingston Art Open Studios (KAOS), the event will take place at Wimbledon Studios from Thursday November. A selection of her works prices from £600 to £3,000 will be on sale.

In her native Ukraine, Nataliya is much in demand as a portrait painter and has been commissioned by a string of top politicians and celebrities for her unique, warm style.

But now her beautiful images which explore colour, light and shade and the angles of the human body are rapidly gaining popularity and critical acclaim in the UK, as portrait painting makes a comeback with trendsetters and style leaders.

Nataliya adds: “I create beautiful yet affordable paintings which you and your family will treasure for ever. A painting can capture a moment and be timeless in a way a photographer never can. It is a real investment.”

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