Everybody has its own Taity… / Paul Gauguin

Travel. The search of the Land Promised.

Seduction of the direct cognition of the world.

Empirics of travelling by Northern Africa. Philippine islands have opened creating life energy of a paint in creativity of Natalie Zozulya. As a mature fruit, which falls on the ground and bloods its juicy flesh, the Afro-Philippine rhythms have impregnated a palette by pagan thirst of force of color.

She has been changing strikingly – from the refined blinking of pearly silver colors up to passionate passion of open rich colors.

In blue-dark blue as silk night, clothes that Natalie dresses the Arabian women intertwine in a fabric with thin half moons and supports shine by a yellow jet which rises and falls down contour of the figures. Gently sing hands, easy rustle – movements, a choral – a red acacia.

The natural world splashes out by crazy bright colors and the person is presented by white clothes filled with smoky aroma. Monumental fabrics in the big planes envelop dark bodies as non-measured motionless time that stand so from old olden time.

The person is entered in a landscape as the white sculpture, in the middle of a house, in mysterious space. Intensive multicolor accompanies ritual of daily dialogue. Natalie draws slow current of life, peers at faces in love, but what is born is not the etude from a nature,, but the picture. Her rhythm is always musical. The figures sing: one-two-three.

In Northern Africa the painter was impressed by frankness, non-compromise of the color. “May be in that formidability of continent, dry air is guilty. There is no such condition when color is floating and it cannot be seized. Philippine islands are perceived by soft and bright colors, the moisture is condensed there for around exists the formidability of water, the whole ocean”.

The yellow turns to gentle-citric, light-blue shines turquoise, pink collects reflections of the sun. Color is perceived as pleasure by a siesta, as topography of a place where is it possible to savor exotic fruits, to behold awakening of the most whimsical plants. There are golden Philippine women with black slanting eyes. Natalie draws the whole friezes with graceful figures, that are hardly declined as a grass from breath of the wind. Stately quiet, they freely feel like among youth of smaragdine foliage, among passion of red fruits. They are exhausted by the heat of midday and they are revived by night.

There the trees begin to blossom at night, pouring its farces into whimsical inflorescence which are spread by the ground in the morning dying in exciting aroma. Humming-birds flit among flowers, persons in love are seen. The painter envelops the bodies of her heroes, sellers of rambutan, by bright-solar vision, the women, similar to Koras. They support heavens of terrestrial paradise.

“I have opened for myself the world of ocean. It exists in the way as if we are not present at all. The color is kept under water without influence, in itself”.

The painting is the travel to the past day. it gives an opportunity to remain on the verge of time and space, memory and a material reality. it is like Daphne by Umberto Eco which has stopped on a median meridian of the Earth between yesterday and today.

Painting gives a change to travel into past, but there is no end in this travelling.